COVID-19 Response


Personal Protective Equipment Purchase Information



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHCA is leveraging its infrastructure and network in China and in the US to provide an SHCA PPE Marketplace. This Marketplace is intended to address the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs of SHCA members* providing healthcare services in the US.

SHCA developed an effective validation process to qualify vendors, PPE products and the logistic process to minimize the risks for the SHCA members who are buying PPE.

* All healthcare companies can join SHCA with membership fee waived during the COVID-19 period.

How WE Can Help You

SHCA Marketplace Operations


SHCA Marketplace is managed by its member, Orchestrall, Inc (“Philadelphia 100 Company” in 2013, 2014) for all PPE validation processes and policies as described on the right:

  • Validation of Vendors & Manufacturers


SHCA validates that qualified vendors and manufacturers provide necessary, officially-approved and required documents.

  • Validation of Regulatory Requirements

SHCA ensures all Marketplace PPE meets the required registrations or licensures.

  • Validation of Quality Control

SHCA ensures that each Marketplace-listed PPE product meets the standard product specification, quality, track record, testing and certification.